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It's not something riders like to contemplate: how will their safety equipment perform in a real-world accident? Every year AFX invests considerable time and resources into the testing of new helmet prototypes and the regular evaluation of production samples to ensure they're up to standards such as DOT FMVSS-218, or the more stringent ECE 22.05 and SNELL M2005 (or all three). We do this because we care.

However, in the end all manufacturers claim to build a safe product.

Given this, who better to ask on the subject than our customers? These stories come from customers who faced real danger while riding, either through mistakes or misfortune, and were grateful that they had left home that day with their AFX helmet in hand.

These testimonials are derived from real letters received from AFX customers in Canada and the United States. We have sought to maintain the exact wording of these letters to the greatest extent possible. All edits are marked within brackets and were performed for the the sole purpose of aiding conciseness and readability. The last names of writers have been truncated to protect their privacy.