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Model: FX-16

Color: Pearl White

Standards: DOT, ECE & SNELL

"I eased in the rear brake not realizing how fast it would whip out from underneath me"

"First of all, I would like to thank the people there for making a quality, life-saving helmet. I owe probably more than I can imagine to your product. About 2 weeks after I bought my helmet I found out how lucky I was to have had it on the day I wrecked my motorcycle.

I just got a 2003 GSX-R, custom painted pearl white and I was out for a ride with a good friend of mine. We were cruising down the interstate, breaking the speed limit and having a good time. On a quick decision, we decided to take an exit that was on the left side of the interstate, going through this turn a little too fast I drifted wide onto the shoulder of the road.

Thanks to the Wisconsin weather there was sand and gravel all along the edge, most likely pushed there by the plows. I eased on the rear brake not realizing how fast it would whip out from underneath me. The rear tire slid out to the right and I went down on the left side, it slid for only a second before the tires hit the ground and caught traction, flipping me and my bike over to the right side.

I stayed somewhat on top of the bike with my right shoulder and right side of my head scraping against the pavement. My rear tire eventually wedged under the guard rail and I tumbled from the motorcycle. I rolled probably a few times and finally realized what was happening.

Thanks to my FX-16 helmet I still have a right side of my face. After being checked out in the ER I was released with nothing but a collar bone injury and a good amount of scrapes and bruises. I never lost consciousness and I'm very thankful I still have my head and a working brain. So thanks again, you truly are life savers."